Severin Castle

"The castle in Severin is mentioned for the first time in 1558, described as “a stone Lukovdol town – a large stone tower which only the residents use”. The Frankopans erected it above the steep bank of the river Kupa, whilst along with the tower the chronicles also mention a wooden castle from the same period. It gained its current appearance with a renovation in 1803, during the time of Duke Ivan Oršić."

This is the only highland castle which in the change of ownership from the Frankopans to the Zrinskis and in the end belonged again to the Frankopans, who has also established it. It was under the Zrinskis until 1580 when they gave up Severin to Count Gašpar Frankopan Tržački who was succeeded by Vuk Krsto Frankopan. After the death of the last of the Frankopans and the failure of the Zrinski-Frankopan Conspiracy in 1671 this building was also looted and ruined. The castle is a two-storey building of a rectangular ground plan, corners reinforced with cylindrical towers and with an interior courtyard and arcade columns. The Chapel of St Florian, located within the castle complex, has small dimensions with an emphasised arched doorway and turret. Alongside the castle is a garden, which is protected and has been declared as a monument of landscape architecture.