Municipality of Čavle – Grobnik village

"Nature and community are intertwined in Čavle, just 8 kilometres from Rijeka, in an intensive and dynamic way. Nature is raised, in a meeting of the Littoral and Gorski kotar regions, to the hills that are known as “the Grobnik Alps”, which alludes to their splendour and winter joy of the Platak ski resort. Social changes took care of everything else: from the remains of the Roman limes, over the Frankopan castle, all the way to – the motorcycle track."

Grobnik is the special pearl of Čavle. In this place “great” history is seasoned with a specific folk spirit and its heritage. The mediaeval Frankopan castle, located above Grobnik, is the seat of the Chakavian assembly, a society who takes care of the wealth of this specific idiom of the Croatian language. The people of Grobnik are special in the caring of carnival traditions, their “dondolaši” (bell ringers) with their lively dance that chases away evil have been included in the UNESCO list of global intangible heritage. The remnants of the famous Grobnik furniture, the so-called “grobnička mobilja”, room furniture of high handicraft value, bear witness to the art of the carpentry skills, inherited by generations in this region. The tourist points of interest do not end with the rich history and ethnic heritage: the traditional livestock breeding of this region is famous for its sheep's cheese, whilst adrenaline fans will find excitement at the famous motordrome.

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57 km