Town of Vrbovsko

"One of the oldest inhabited places of Gorski kotar, Vrbovsko is today a town that connects historical and cultural heritage and refines them into a modern tourist offer. The special ethnographic heritage and traditional hospitality are the main advantages of the region, which in one sentence can be likened to as a place where nature sings most beautifully. To someone who hears the unique roar of the rivers Kupa and Dobra once it is not necessary to explain why."

Situated on the way that links the sea and the continent, Rijeka and Zagreb, Vrbovsko is naturally orientated towards tourism. The Via Carolina Augusta road determined most significantly the way of the town. The first ancient caravan traders and travellers paved the long tradition of inns, taverns and hospitality. Along with the historical features – the castle at Severin na Kupi and the Gomirje monastery it is a region of numerous natural beauties, such as the protected landscape of Kamačnik, the picnic area of Litorić and the vantage point of Orlova stijena (Eagle’s rock), the rivers Kupa and Dobra and Čogrljevo lake. Vrbovsko is also the place of the poet Ivan Goran Kovačić, and the immaculate nature is ideal for cycling, hiking, water activities and hunting.

Distance from your location

57 km